Positive Organizations

The contemporary world poses increasingly complex challenges for organizations of all kinds, be they companies, cooperatives, trade associations, public institutes, schools or hospitals. Many successful experiences and scientific studies have shown that coping with crises and changes often calls for a profoundly different ontological perspective, which looks at organizations no longer as closed systems governed by traditional logics, but as evolving “bodies” that can adapt their needs, combining them with those of individuals and society. The new paradigm of Positive Organizations, inspired by the Science of Happiness, has proven effective in giving companies a future by generating positive impacts in a broader perspective. There is a solid literature, supported by data, evidence and field studies, which shows that this type of organization performs above expectations in all spheres:


ORGs+ are a cultural model that can make workplaces better and more antifragile over time, generating value and benefits for individuals and the system alike.

What sets us apart?

We have a broad view that looks to the future. Broad because we deal with the most diverse range of issues concerning organizational dynamics, the relationship between individuals and work and the skills that can increase well-being and, as a result, efficiency and productivity. We are future-oriented because, as a research and training institute, we work closely with groups and scholars engaged in the most up-to-date, innovative and visionary studies in the Positive Organizational Sciences.

Our approach

We like dealing with people directly, face to face, through action learning, experimentation, exchanges and participatory training. In this period, when in-person work is not always possible, we have adapted our methods to group videoconference sessions, where instructors alternate to ensure a variety of voices and approaches, with a mix of classroom lessons and practical—albeit virtual—exercises.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive professional skills in  personal and organizational development. We were among the first in Italy to have been trained and certified as experts in Positive Organization Science, and we have a passion for keeping abreast of the ever-changing scientific and methodological scenario.

I nostri progetti di organizzazioni positive

Wellness Pills

In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, we launched the Wellness Pills project. The purpose of these short-term training proposals, aimed at companies but more generally at all organizations that, in full lockdown, found themselves facing the need for a sudden reorganization, is:

• sow well-being and mutual support among people and within organizations.

• generate well-being and positivity by imparting “strength to the workforce” in view of the future

The themes of the proposals are different: from smart-working management to energy management, from parenting and family dynamics in the era of lockdown to work on motivation, from stress management to relationships with colleagues and the group remotely.


Welfare Cafè – Positive Leadership

Welfare Café is the project promoted, among others, by Confindustria Canavese. its aim is to spread the knowledge and application of welfare practices among local companies. Welfare Café is also configured as an opportunity to meet and learn more about some issues of particular interest to those who do business. Within this extensive project, Eclectica carried out a training intervention on two crucial skills for companies: work for objectives and positive leadership, both addressed with a view to reinforcing the link between well-being and business.

Unione Industriale Canavese


Event ORG+

Workshop dedicated to the topic of Positive Organizations. The intent of the event was to raise awareness of this innovative cultural model, able to generate and make workplaces sustainable over time in which people flourish in relation to others to obtain value and benefit both for the individual and for the ‘agency.

Unione Industriale Biella


WWW We Want Welfare

WWW We Want Welfare is a project promoted by Confindustria Cuneo and Confcommercio Imprese for Italy in the province of Cuneo which, through joint initiatives and specific activities for its members, intends to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about a new culture of welfare. Eclectica was a partner of the project through the dissemination of a workshop dedicated to entrepreneurs with the aim of raising awareness of Positive Organizations as an innovative welfare tool, capable of promoting the well-being of individuals and companies.

Unione Industriale Cuneo


Birth, New Parenting and the Science of Happiness – Bando Con i Bambini

A training project in the Science of Happiness applied to parenting aimed at increasing skills to create harmonious and cooperative care and relationship contexts. The proposal is divided into three parts: a first theoretical part to known the new vision of Happiness as a competence and to give some bases of positive psychology applied to new parenting; a second part dedicated to experiential work tables focused on “emotional literacy” during the pre-birth, childbirth and post-partum phases; a last session of sharing practical tools and techniques useful to reinforce happiness as a skill: these are techniques that can prove useful and applicable in the various phases of the parenting process, from “gestation management” to “training management” of new human beings and new family and social units.

Consorzio Copernico


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