Methodological support

Eclectica’s enterprising spirit ensures a client- and results-oriented approach. For each client, we set up an ad hoc work group to deal with the specific goals and make the most of the individual skills that the client’s staff can offer. When necessary, we also draw on the multidisciplinary talents of our professional associates.

We can thus support public agencies or private organizations in one or all stages of a process: determining needs, project design, implementing measures, creating teaching and communication materials, monitoring, and assessing results.

Our consulting services aim to transmit the skills and methods our clients need to be as independent as possible.

Over the last ten years, Eclectica has specialized in providing guidance and backup for participatory processes in a range of areas and sectors (prevention, social inclusion, health policies and many more).

Focus areas:

  • Participatory planning (Health Plans and Profiles, Regional Mental Health Plan)
  • Risk prevention (traffic accidents, nightlife)
  • Adolescence
  • Active ageing
  • Social inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Social withdrawal (hikikomori)

I nostri progetti di accompagnamento metodologico

Coordinamento Pedagogico Territoriale: building a community by enhancing its resources

Methodological support aimed at strengthening and developing Territorial Pedagogical Coordination (CPT) in the territories of the municipalities of Cuneo, Bernezzo, Busca, Castelletto Stura and Cervasca. The intervention involves 20 educational services (0-3 years) and 32 public and private schools. The project is structured in 6 WPs (Concertation, Support for Pedagogical Coordination, Analysis and mapping of partnership needs, activation of communities of practices, manifesto, monitoring and evaluation, communication) which envisage a participatory process, enhancing the skills and experiences of the participants and strengthening their capacity for systemic action.


Comune di Cuneo


Project aimed at supporting disabled minors in situations of disadvantage and their families to access inclusive and integrated services aimed at mitigating the negative effects of educational poverty, with a view to community intervention. The project includes a capacity building process aimed at empowerment of the partnership, monitoring of actions and the modeling of the intervention in order to capitalize the experience by identifying requirements for effectiveness, replicability and sustainability of the project over time.


Il Punto SCS – Impresa sociale Con I Bambini